payroll for businesses

Payroll for Businesses

Being a business owner comes with lots of decision making duties. Something that every business owner deals with is payroll. Your business may be small with only a few employees or larger with a mix of full time employees or independent contractors and payroll accuracy is essential. A question every business owner needs to ask themselves is should they do payroll themselves or partner with a payroll company.

  • Accountability: Tax regulations are constantly changing and we stay up to date on the latest news.
  • Productivity: Payroll is very time consuming. Removing that burden allows you to focus on the business and employees.
  • Financial Reporting: Columna Agency offers summaries on earning statements, payroll by departments, time sheets, expenses and a variety of other reports.


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For small business bookkeeping Kissimmee & surrounding areas.

Self Bookkeeping vs Hiring an Accountant

bookkeeping small business

Many bookkeepers will track business expenses and ensure all are recorded correctly into software like Quickbooks, so that the business is ready at tax time.

The purpose of the bookkeeper is to organize a business' financial information so that the business owner can use.

Taxes for Small Businesses

taxes for small business

When you own a small business, there are many things to keep track of and many don't think about taxes until they are due.

With a little preparation and a few tricks, you can not only make your tax filing easier, but save money in the long run.