Tax Season after 2020? What to Expect
February 11, 2021
We all know that 💜2020 was an odd year💜, but do we realize how it may or may not affect us as we go into this tax season😁? I encourage you to listen as my accountant shares some golden nuggets that can help to prepare you for this tax season!🙏 And check back about the STIMULUS CHECKS! GREAT NEWS!! 👍

Taxes for Small Businesses
January 04, 2021
When you own a small business, there are many things to keep track of and many don't think about taxes until they are due. With a little preparation and a few tricks, you can not only make your tax filing easier, but save money in the long run. Here are some tips from Columna Agency.

Self Bookkeeping vs Hiring an Accountant
December 16, 2020
What is the difference between bookkeeping and accountant? Bookkeepers typically will keep the books. A bookkeeper handles the day to day financial transactions of the business such as updating spreadsheets, reconciling bank statements, updating employee files, invoicing and paying bills. Many bookkeepers will track business expenses and ensure all are recorded correctly into software like Quickbooks, so that the business is ready at tax time.

April 15, 2020
Kristin had the chance to interview Jackie Cruz-Columna from Columna Agency in Kissimmee, FL to discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on your 2020 taxes for individuals and small businesses. They also covered early withdrawals from your retirement accounts, CARES Act stimulus payments, and the Employee Retention Tax Credit for businesses.